Double Fix Pyramid Thread Review from the Experts

Here what the experts say about Double Fix Pyramid Thread

picture of a female doctor who uses double fix pyramid thread

dr. Leo Mirah, M.Biomed

Klinik dr. Leo Mirah, Medan

Double Fix Pyramid Thread gives a good lifting effect because it has the pyramid cogs in each inch of the thread. The lifting effect is maintained well even when the patient is laughing or eating. Double Fix gives better outcomes compared to any other thread that has less cogs.

picture of a doctor who uses double fix pyramid thread

dr. Andrew Uidjaja, M. Biomed (AAM)

MOII Aesthetic Clinic, Bali

I've been using different brand of threads for a few years, and so far Double Fix gives the best lifting or tightening. That satisfactory lifting derives from its unique ultrasound-molded material and densely designed-pyramids making Double Fix a strong thread to reposition & anchor soft tissue effectively.

beauty aesthetician from semarang

dr. Lysa Hardjono

Moira Clinic, Semarang

I have known several kinds of thread with a minimum lifting effect before I met Double Fix Pyramid thread. Double Fix Pyramid thread gives me the best tightening effect so far. Double Fix Pyramid thread suits my patients' budget well and of course gives the best result.