Double Fix Pyramid Thread Safety & Efficacy​


100% Biodegradable



Double Fix-Pyramid thread made of resorb-able and biocompatible materials, which have been tested and guaranteed. Double Fix-Pyramid thread materials – Polydioxanone and Polycaprolactone – that have been widely used in medical field for orthopaedics, maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, drug delivery system, cardiovascular applications, and tissues engineering. Additionally, Double Fix offers materials such as PLCL and PDOHA for comprehensive an

Breakthrough in Aesthetic Technology


Double Fix-Pyramid thread is a new breakthrough in Asia for those who really embrace their beauty. Double Fix-Pyramid thread safety and efficacy has been proven and may answers the challenges for facial correction that cannot be done by other similar products. It has been recognized at KFDA, CE and passed ISO 13485.

Well-trained Doctors Worldwide


We provide training to Healthcare Professionals to be able to do Double Fix-Pyramid thread insertion techniques and provide the desired lifting effect for patients.