by Pharmindo Rimpang Kokoh , 13 April 2020

While many people have a privilege to stay or work at home. Some people still have to struggle for their life outside. Accompanied by many prayers to stay healthy and away from the coronavirus.

We know the coronavirus hits us hard. And unfortunately, all of us don’t know when it ends. One of the most important things is how we can support each other based on what we do. On Wednesday, 8th of April 2020,  Double Fix Indonesia, sponsored by the Jakarta Teta Clinic in the #Berbagiuntukmereka program, gave our small appreciation to those who are still struggling through lunch boxes around the Jakarta area. Maybe there’s nothing much we could do, but we wanted them to know that we can face this together and also our prayers are with them. As a human being, caring for each other is a must. No matter how hard life is. We still have something to do in many ways.

Sincerely, Double Fix Indonesia

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