Double Fix - The Strongest Anchoring Thread​​

double fix-pyramid anchoring thread

Double Fix the strongest anchoring thread is a thread that gathers the skin to produce a noticeable lifting effect. This thread needs to be anchored (tied) in the opposite direction of the indication area. There are 124 bidirectional pyramid cogs along our anchoring thread that were strategically placed to “hook” into the fat tissue to lift and hold it in place. The advantages of using our anchoring thread for thread lift treatment as the choice are we have the strongest tension capacity up to 4.35 kg and also can give a better suspension than other threads.

Double Fix Pyramid Thread is available in two types of material:

1. PDO (Polydioxanone):
Resorb-able, trigger the production of collagen to restore the volume and totally degraded after 12 months.
2. PCL (Polycaprolactone):
Resorb-able, collagen stimulator and totally degraded after 24 months.

Double Fix Anchoring Thread is available in sev according to the pantient needs:

  • Double Fix 1

Available in Polycaprolactone, Double Fix 1 is the star of Double Fix. Completed with 124 pyramid cogs, Double Fix 1 will be the best choice for non-surgical face lifting with long durability. Double Fix 1 can be used both in face and neck.

  • Double Fix Pro

Double Fix Pro will complement the needs of other materials such as Polydioxanone and Poly (Lactide-co-E -caprolactone). With tension capacity of 5.3 kgs, Double Fix Pro can lift any part of the face and neck and it won’t break.

  • Double Fix Fine

Double Fix Fine is only available in Polydioxanone. With our signature technology, Ultrasound technology.
Double Fix Fine has the longest durability among all Polydioxanone thread in the world. Its thin and small USP thread is the best choice for forehead and turkey neck corrections.

  • Double Fix Body

Double Fix Body is currently the first and the only one thread dedicated for body remodelling. Completed with a super long thread and a long double needle, Double Fix Body can be used anywhere in the body.

  • Double Fix Nose Base

Double Fix Nose Base is specially designed referring to the width of nose base. The right technique of implantation surely will give a very good result on patients, resembling surgical nose correction.

  • Double Fix p-DOHA

Double Fix p-DOHA is the latest variant of Double Fix anchoring thread that has very flexible thread, similar to PCL material. But unlike PCL thread that has very low melting temperature, Double Fix p-DOHA is much more stable since it has higher melting temperature. Thanks to the good ratio of PDO and HA mixture, Double Fix p-DOHA has good flexibility and also good melting temperature.

anchoring thread for thread lift


the picture of conical needle used by double fix anchoring thread

Everyone has their consideration before deciding to do a thread lifting. Such as the pain or after-effects that appear (ex: bruising). We put our concerns there. To overcome this situation, we designed a special needle that is different from another needle in general, called “Conical Needle“. A conical Needle is a cylindrical needle with a tip that is not too sharp, so it does not rupture the patient’s vessels, and it doesn’t leave any bruising effect after the thread lift procedure is carried out.

the cogs used in double fix anchoring thread

Our anchoring thread is completed up to 124 bidirectional pyramid cogs. Bidirectional means that the gears on our cogs are located on two sides so they can pull each other and give a strong effect with a stable suspension. So that our thread will give an immediate and long-lasting result.