Double Fix Support - The Strongest Floating Thread

a picture of how floating thread works
Floating thread is a unidirectional thread, which is used to improve appearance by eliminating folding skin. Double Fix Support is also indicated for light lifting and improve nose shape. Our floating thread product called “Double Fix Support” consists of three types, namely:
  • Double Fix Face Support, used to give a better shape of nasolabial folds, or commonly known as “smile lines” or “laugh lines”. Besides, it also can be used for any indication in the jawline and neck area.
  • Double Fix Face Fine Support, similar to the Double Fix Face Support, this thread is used to give a better shape for any indications in nasolabial folds and neck area but it has a lighter effect due to its size.
  • Double Fix Nose Support, as the name implies, this thread is used to support a better nose shape. There are two kinds of this thread, one is for the nose tip and the other one is for the nose bridge.
All of our strong floating threads is made of Polydioxanone (PDO) sutures which are resorbable, totally degraded after 12 months and neo collagen production.


Why Choose Our Floating Thread?

  • We’re The Novel Generation PDO Ultrasound
    Our products are made using the latest technology with high-quality material which make them the strongest floating threads and it is suitable for the needs of patients to provide improvements in the indicated area.
  • Resorbable and Neo Collagen Production
    Our floating thread is made from Polydioxanone (PDO) which can be absorbed in the body, FDA Approved, so that it will not leave any residue in the skin tissue.
    Besides, Double Fix Support has a Neo collagen production effect which can bring up the production of collagen in the body then improve the skin texture.
  • Able to Give The Right Correction in Many Parts of The Face Area
    Our products are available in several types of sizes according to the needs of patients so that doctors and patients can more freely determine which thread to use.