Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Double Fix-Pyramid facial thread effective for?

Double Fix-Pyramid is inserted into the skin tissue in need of
care and improve wrinkles by fixating and lifting the skin
tissue with long-lasting result.

2. What is the procedure using Double Fix-Pyramid facial thread product?

It is minimal invasive procedure with local anaesthesia. Also, Double Fix-Pyramid facial thread implantation treatment process does not require downtime. You can achieve instant result and return to your daily activities immediately after the treatment done.

3. Is Double Fix-Pyramid safe?

Double Fix-Pyramid has been verified for its safety and efficiency through a clinical test in a facial thread and wrinkle improvement.

4. Who can use Double Fix Pyramid facial thread product?

Everyone can use Double Fix-Pyramid products according to theirindications or needs, but we recommend patients in the age range of 18-65 years

5. Who can do the thread lifting praxis using Double Fix-Pyramid?

Doctors who will do the thread lifting treatments using Double FixPyramid have to attend the training before-that we hold regularly

6. What will happen after Double Fix-Pyramid implanted into thepatient’s facial skin for a long time?

Because it is absorbable and degraded, the Double Fix-Pyramid face thread will be absorbed by the skin tissue

7. Are there any side effects of using Double Fix-Pyramid products?

There are no side effect., Double Fix-Pyramid is designed as a product that fits all patient candidates safely without side effects.

8. Are there any conditions that should be avoided after doing the thread pull treatment with Double Fix-Pyramid?

Patients who have done the treatment are advised not to make excessive movements in the treated area’s muscle. Also, patients can avoid treatments that use excess heat energy such as steam/sauna and HIFU/RF.

9. Where can I buy Double Fix-Pyramid products?

Double Fix-Pyramid products can be purchased through our official distributors or the marketing team of PT. Pharmindo Rimpang Kokoh. Please visit our contact us page

10. Where can I find more information about the Double Fix-Pyramid products?

You can visit our social media through Instagram account @doublefix_pyramid or find us on our Youtube channel Double Fix Pyramid.

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