Highlights from Double Fix at ISWAM 2023

The International Seminar & Workshop in Aesthetic Medicine (ISWAM) 2023, held from December 1st to 3rd, emerged as a global hub for aesthetic practitioners, featuring a remarkable attendance of 20,000 visitors, including 4,000 doctors and 212 speakers from 32 countries. With 500 exhibition booths, ISWAM facilitated knowledge exchange, cutting-edge research presentations, and hands-on experiences across various disciplines.

ISWAM 2023 encompassed three ballrooms, two main halls, and eight classrooms, each hosting professional speakers and engaging discussions. Attendees were exposed to the latest scientific information, research updates, and innovative techniques, ensuring immense benefits for both doctors and humanity.

Among the prominent sponsors, Double Fix set up an engaging booth that not only showcased their products but also offered special prices to attendees, adding a vibrant touch to the exhibition. The sessions covered a diverse range of topics, providing attendees with valuable insights and the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. Here are the detail:

  1. Non-Surgical Buttock Remodelling – Strong Non-Heating Thread Presented by DR. Dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M.Biomed (AAM)
  2. Totally Non-Surgical Nose Beautification Avoiding Nose Complication Presented by DR. Dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M.Biomed (AAM)
  3. Totally Renovation of Aging Sign Presented by DR. Dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M.Biomed (AAM) and Dr. Rosalba Russo
  4. Totally Non-Surgical Nose Beautification Avoiding Nose Complication Strong Non-Heating Pyramid Thread Presented by DR. Dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M.Biomed (AAM)
  5. Korean Glass Skin Treatment Combination of PN Hyaluronic Acid + Glutathione in The Rich 50 Peptide Amino Acid Environment Presented by Dr. Ernawati Kimura, M.Kes
  6. Removing Eyebrow Ptosis and Other Upper Face Aging Sign Using Strong Yet Thin Non-Heating Thread Presented by Dr. Lan Leong Chung
  7. Power Assisted Air Vibration for Effective Liposculpture Presented by Dr. Aryanto Habibie, Sp.BP-RE
  8. Novelty Technique Double Stitch – Double Fix for Double Chin Removal Presented by Dr. Rudy Adiputra
  9. Thread Complication Presented by Dr. Budiarto
  10. Minimal Downtime of Perfect Face Remodelling Presented by Dr. Shinta Novianti
  11. Perorbital Aging Correction using Botolinum toxin type A and Latest Generation Volumizing Threads Presented by Dr. Rosalba Russo

The success of ISWAM 2023 sets the stage for an even more remarkable event in the future. We want to say thank you for the great enthusiasm. Here’s a little snippet of the excitement of the event. See you at the next event!


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