Double Fix-Pyramid at 9th WeSWAM 2021

We were very grateful to all doctors who have attended and contributed to the 9th WeSWAM 2021 at Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung.

It was an extraordinary moment for us to be a part of this event and together we’ll improve the quality of aesthetic medicine and device products in Indonesia.

Thank you also to our Double Fix Pyramid Chief of Global Advisory, Dr. dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M. Biomed (AAM) as well who can provide many insights about the latest technological developments and advances in thread lifting.

See you on the next event, EaSWAM 2021!

For more information:

Double Fix-Pyramid Hands On Training – August 2021

Double Fix Pyramid provides an opportunity for doctors to enhance skills in practicing thread implantation directly with DR. dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja, M. Biomed (AAM) through ‘Double Fix Hands On Training’ this August 2021.

Double Fix Hands-on Training on March 2021 will be held 4 different cities according to the schedule below,

Jakarta: 12th & 23rd August 2021
Bandung: 20th & 21st August 2021
Yogyakarta: 25th August 2021
Bali: 28th August 2021
Surabaya: 30th August 2021

Feel the experience and please kindly contact us for more information! See you!