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Collagen for Skin Texture

The Importance of Collagen for Our Skin

Collagen is the most abundant protein that has an important role in skin appearance. Collagen can be produced naturally from the body, but at the beginning of our 30s, we will lose 1% of collagen every year, this is even worse by the age of 40 when the collagen production stopped. The lower levels of collagen in our body, the greater destruction happens on our skin, such as the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles on our face and body. In short, collagen is a basic need for our skin.


There are three main benefits of collagen for our skin :

  1. Maintain skin elasticity. Collagen serves to replenish volume and maintain skin elasticity. Lack of collagen levels results in the onset of signs of ageing due to empty spaces in the skin tissue.
  2. Moisturize and brighten the skin texture. In collagen, there are amino acids that are good for maintaining the outer layer of the skin to remain smooth and healthy. When collagen production stops, the skin’s moisture quality will also decrease.
  3. Reducing scars. Collagen also plays a role in the recovery of the skin due to acne, sores, or collisions.

One thing that is widely applied in the field of aesthetic medicine in dealing with skin problems in its use is to present products that can stimulate the presence of new collagen. As one of the facial threads that have a high concern about the results and satisfaction of doctors and patients, Double Fix Pyramid completed its threads with substances that can stimulate the presence of collagen. There are Neo Collagenesis for PDO products and Collagen Stimulators for PCL products. Both of these substances are believed to have a good ability to stimulate the presence of collagen naturally from the body. So that the use of Double Fix face thread not only provides a lifting effect to the patient but also provides the benefits of natural skin repair that is continuous from the results of its collagen production

Still in a doubt to use the Double Fix products? See you in our next post!

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