before and after overcoming eyebrow ptosis with facial threads

Overcoming Eyebrow Ptosis with Facial Threads

Eyebrows are one area that is quite crucial in one’s appearance. The decreased appearance of the eyebrows often results in fatigue or an older appearance. Various cosmetics or treatments to improve facial brows are widely available but do you know if facial thread implantation is also one of them?

An eyebrow lift is one of the cosmetic treatments or procedures to lift eyebrows in patients with low, wrinkled, or asymmetrical eyebrow positions through facial thread implantation. Even though it is optional, the improvement on the facial eyebrows seems to have a big influence to improve the appearance due to sagging skin or asymmetrical condition of the eyebrows so that it looks fresher and younger. In the eyebrow lift treatment, facial threads are implanted specifically around the upper face area in patients with certain techniques to give precise and symmetrical results. In addition to this, the selection of the right face thread products is also needed, so that the treatment can produce a lifting effect that looks natural and can last a long time.

Double Fix is ​​the strongest thread that is suitable for a variety of indications, including eyebrow ptosis indications that can be overcome through eyebrow lift treatment. Supported by the ease of implantation, Double Fix can be the right choice for you to do eyebrow lift treatment.

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