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When to do a Thread Lifting?

Thread Lifting is a non-surgical treatment method aimed at improving the appearance of the patient’s appearance. In the end, the thread lifting procedure is not only limited to getting a better look, but it also could be the right choice when you faced the following problems:

1. Narrowing of vision due to skin sagging on the eyes area.

As we get older, the appearance of skin that begins to sag and wrinkle becomes something we can’t deny, either on the eye area that is commonly called “eyebrow ptosis”. Eyebrow Ptosis itself is a medical condition where there is a decrease or fall of the eyebrows caused by tissue elasticity and involutional changes in the skin of the upper face area. Unfortunately, this case brings the impact on the narrowing of the patient’s visual space compared to the one before the ageing process. Double Fix Thread lifting makes it possible for a lifting effect to be provided around the patient’s eyebrows so that the area can return to its original condition, so does the patient’s vision.

2. Aging Signs on the skin of the Facial Area (Smile lines and Jowl)

There are three main signs of skin ageing that are seen to be by the eye, involving wrinkles, loss of volume, and loss of elasticity followed by deep wrinkles. The loss of facial volume or the weakens of skin structure and muscles will give an impact on our skin. Double Fix threads are able to provide a lifting effect and recontour around the Aging Signs area so that it can keep the beautiful looks of our face.

3. Double Chin

Double chin is a common condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms below a chin which is usually associated with the overweight problem. While it’s actually by genetics or looser skin resulting from ageing. The thread implantation treatment is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the Double Chin. Using the Double Fix Pyramid threads with a strong tension capacity, you can lose your double chin only in a few minutes.

4. The Desire to Form V-Shape

Following the trend is another factor! V-Shape is one of the beauty trends with the appearance of the chin looking like a V-letter. One of the beauty trends from South Korea has become quite an interest of young people. Thread lifting can be one way to get V-Shape in a short time by repositioning the fat in the facial area. Through the Double Fix thread that is implanted around the lower face area, the lifting effect will be able to produce a V-Shape on the patient’s chin.

picture of Eva Anindita after forming her V-Shape face
5. Sagging Belly, Breast, Arms, and Buttocks

Not only giving any impacts on the appearance, the presence of some of the body parts area which starts sagging or lose its shape also causes us difficulty and less confidence. Double Fix Thread Lifting allows for a lifting effect on the parts of the body that are required. With the presence of a tighter body parts area, we’re not only having a better look but also better mobility in our daily activities.

These are five of the various other factors that could be the reason for doing lifting with Double Fix Thread for you who want to improve your appearance or other goals.

Interested to know more how’s thread lifting is like? Stay tuned for our next post!

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